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Graphic Design Posts

Logo Design: Kay Jasmine Photography

James Rogers • Walk Through , Business , Graphic Design • May 3rd, 2016

Shortly after we launched the new website for Kay Jasmine Photography, she decided that she wanted her logo to be a bit more personal. The most recent version was using a fancy typeface, which worked…


What To Do When You Go Over or Misjudge the Budget

James Rogers • Business , Graphic Design , Web Design , Tips & Tricks • Apr 4th, 2016

You knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. You had been careful, trying to make sure you covered all your bases, all possibilities, but somehow, you still ended up short. Now…


Are You Making These 5 Website Business Mistakes?

James Rogers • Business , Graphic Design , Web Design , Tips & Tricks • Mar 25th, 2016

Having a website business can be a pretty easy thing to have and manage, but as there are with many things, you'll want to make sure you have everything set up correctly and efficiently to…


Content - Don't Steal It!

James Rogers • Business , Graphic Design , Web Design , Tips & Tricks • Aug 11th, 2015

Maybe you're thinking this sounds pretty straight forward. Maybe you're thinking, well that's a no-brainer. Maybe you are even thinking who in their right mind would do that? Read on, dear visitor! It might be…


The Earning Business Ideology

James Rogers • Business , Graphic Design , Web Design • Jan 7th, 2015

If you’ve done business with a person, or at least made an attempt to do business with a person, then you most likely know what it means to try and “earn business” with them. It’s…


Why is [graphic/web] design so expensive?

James Rogers • Business , Graphic Design , Web Design • Mar 4th, 2014

This is probably the most asked question I get, in regards to my design business. And in the eight plus years I've been doing this, it still makes me cringe. Not because I'm afraid to…


A Simple Walk-Through of Designing a Logo (Part 1)

James Rogers • Walk Through , Graphic Design • Aug 25th, 2013

For this article I'm going to go through how I design logos, step-by-step. Sometimes I don't follow this exactly, but more or less this is how I do things. By no means am I saying…


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